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 The rules for UJL 1/2008

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PostSubject: The rules for UJL 1/2008   Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:04 pm


2x10 minutes.
5v5/7v7. (We are aiming for 5v5 with 6 teams and 7 players in each team, if we get more we will play 7v7 but that is unlikely.)
Fair-play. (People have different opinions on fair-play bugs etc, we will not allow curl goals, slide blocks, taking out of the air.)

These rules apply to everyone, failing to obey them you will be deducted points or whatever seems necessary.

Just to make clear:

No slide blocks
No dragging from air
No curl goals (Curl passes are allowed)
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The rules for UJL 1/2008
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